With an annual capacity of 12,000 tons, we have the expertise to handle a wide range of casting projects. Our capabilities include Grey Iron Casting (15,000 kg per piece) and Ductile Iron Casting (7,500 kg per piece). Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled workforce ensure high-quality castings that meet your specific requirements.


Moulding: We take pride in offering furan no-bake moulding as one of our casting techniques, which comes with several distinct advantages. Here are the key benefits of furan no-bake moulding:


High Degree of Repeatability: Furan no-bake moulding ensures a high level of repeatability in the casting process. This means that each casting produced using this technique maintains consistent quality and dimensional accuracy, meeting your exact specifications every time.


Ability to Hold Tight Tolerances: With furan no-bake moulding, we can achieve tight tolerances in the castings. This precision is crucial, especially for applications where precise fit and alignment are essential, ensuring optimal performance and functionality of the end product.


Requires Less Machining: Furan no-bake moulding minimizes the need for extensive machining operations after casting. The superior dimensional accuracy achieved through this process reduces the amount of material that needs to be removed, resulting in cost savings and shorter lead times.


Excellent Casting Soundness for Pressure-Sensitive Applications: Furan no-bake moulding provides excellent casting soundness, particularly for pressure-sensitive applications. The mold material's properties ensure that the castings maintain their structural integrity and can withstand high-pressure conditions without compromising performance or safety.


By leveraging the advantages of furan no-bake moulding, we can deliver high-quality castings that meet your specific requirements. Our skilled team and advanced manufacturing processes ensure that each casting is produced with precision and attention to detail.


Please find below our Furan No-bake moulding lines specifications:


Flaskless No-bake Moulding Line

  • 6 stations carousel no-bake moulding Line
  • From 100 kg up to 300 kg casting weight
  • Up to 1.200 x 1.000 x (500+500) mm sized moulding dimension
  • 10 moulds/hr capacity

No-bake Moulding Line

  • 8 stations with Shuttle No-bake Moulding Line
  • From 300 Kg up to 3.000 Kg casting weight
  • Up to 2.500 x 1.800 x (1.000 + 1.000) mm sized moulding dimension
  • 4 moulds/hr capacity

No-Bake Floor Moulding with Flask

  • From 3.000 Kg up to 15.000 Kg casting weight
  • 2 separated mould closing stations
  • 1 moulds/hr capacity (average)
  • Oversized moulding dimensions with a flask in a moulding pit