Our capabilities in fettling, shot-blasting, heat treatment, and painting are designed to enhance the finish of your castings. Let's explore these services in more detail:


Our skilled technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery to perform fettling processes. This involves removing any excess material, smoothing rough edges, and ensuring the desired surface finish on your castings.


With our shot-blasting capabilities, we can effectively clean and prepare the surface of your castings. Our shot-blasting equipment, featuring a diameter of 2,500 mm and a height of 4,250 mm, ensures thorough coverage and optimal surface preparation for subsequent processes.

Heat Treatment:

We offer heat treatment services to optimize the mechanical properties and structural integrity of your castings. Our heat treatment facility, with dimensions of 4,400 mm x 1,800 mm x 1,200 mm, allows for precise control of the heating and cooling processes, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Conveyor Painting System:

To provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your castings, we utilize a conveyor painting system with a hanging capacity of 2 tons. This system ensures efficient and uniform application of paint, enhancing the appearance and protection of your castings.